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Research in research institutes, groups and in the faculites at Miskolc

The beginnings of the University of Miskolc date back to the 18th century. Its predecessor institution was the Mining Academy in Selmecbánya, which was granted the academy status (Bergakademie) by Maria Therese in 1762.

The University hosts eight faculties, two research institues (Research Institute of Applied Earth Sciences and Research Institute of Electronics and Information Technology) as well as two research groups (Research Group of Materials Sciences and Geoengineering Research Group). More about research at the University of Miskolc

Research in the faculties:

  • The Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering is sepcialised in the following topics: mining of minerals, raw material preparation, fluid mining, hydrogeology, earth sciences, and waste management.
  • Research and education of the Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering focuses on new materials and their technologies such as ceramics and silicate technology, nanotechnology, polymer technology, quality control, energy management and technology of the chemical industry.
  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics has six research areas: Adaptive data mining systems, power plant structures and their integrity, development of production and logistics networks, integrated engineering systems for digital production, intelligent production support systems as well as simulation-based technology and product development. More information about the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
  • The Faculty of Law hosts five Institutes in which research is conducted: the Institute of Public Law, the Institute of Criminal Sciences, the Institute of Private Law, the Institute of Legal History and Theory of Law, and the Institute of European and International Law.
  • The Faculty of Economics consists of six Institutes with the following focus areas: economic theory and methodology, business science, marketing and tourism, finance and accounting, management sciences, world and regional economics.
  • The Faculty of Arts provides up-to-date, practical knowledge for people of the 21st century and is active in various research projects in the fields of art and social sciences.
  • Under the motto "Good Health for the world!", the Faculty of Health Sciences is also active in research projects that measure, for example, the health status of the population of regions.
  • The youngest Faculty of the university was founded in 2021: Faculty of Music. It focuses on the instrumental and vocal education of students.

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