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At Turku Univeristy of Applied Sciences study more than 11,000 students in four faculties:

  • Technology, Communications and Transport
  • Health Care and Social Services
  • Business and Administration
  • Culture

The university was established in 1992. The research activities of Turku UAS combine students’ creative ideas, teachers’ top expertise and project professionals’ vast experience. To the website of Turku UAS

Research Groups at Turku UAS

At Turku UAS over 20 research groups work with regional, national and international networks. The research groups are divided into several areas, including Arts Academy, Health and Well-Being, as well as Engineering and Business. More about the research groups

Research projects at Turku UAS

In projects the reseachers of Turku UAS collaborate with companies, public sector and communities.Turkus UAS runs more than 80 ongoing project in different fields:

  • Culture
  • Natural Sciences
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Tourism, Catering and Hospitality Services
  • Health Care, Sports and Social Services
  • Technology and Transportation
  • Social Sciences, Business and Administration

More about the research projects

Turku UAS is part of different campus networks

Turku UAS is part of different networks which collaborate in campuses. The networks consists of education institues and member organisations. Turku UAS is part of the following campuses:

  • The TechCampus Turku promotes technology education and research to create a strong and wide centre of technical expertise in Turku.
  • In the Health Campus Turku researches deal with medicine, social and health care and technology topics.
  • The Culture Campus Turku makes the culture sector and its impact more visible and strengthens the attractiveness of the region. 

Get in contact

Are you interested in a cooperation with Aschaffenburg UAS? Johanna Krappe (johanna.krappe@ich-will-keinen-spamturkuamk.fi) will be pleased to support you in planning new projects and provide optimal research conditions. We are looking forward to your ideas!