1. Research

Research focus

Our interdisciplinary research network ABinteract aims to bring cutting-edge expertises of international scientists together. Joint research projects foster innovation for companies and society and strengthen the cohesion of the partner universities. Researchers, students and partners benefit from interdisciplinary, international exchange.

Research for sustainable businesses

Business as usual? Not with us. We apply innovative technologies in order to promote sustainability and growth of (local) industry and commerce. Get a look at our joint research plans.

» We would like to conduct joint research on smart, powerful, safe and reliable next generation battery system for transport applications designed for secondary use in stationary energy systems. «

Samuli Ranta (Turku UAS) and Johannes Teigelkötter (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» Entrepreneurship and value creation have a much more important status nowadays than they did a few years ago. We would like to focus our research to them and their development. «

Sari Asteljoki (Turku UAS) and Boris Bauke (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» Joint research on new materials and processes broadens the opportunities for local companies to cooperate with international universities. «

Mika Jokinen (Turku UAS), Christiane Thielemann (Aschaffenburg UAS) and Ralf Hellmann (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» AI as a trend is making its way into all areas of business, including digital marketing and digital analytics. Together we can explore how artificial intelligence affects these areas and what potential it holds for us. «

Christine Petr (U Bretagne Sud) and Oliver Hugo (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» Today, co-creative management and forms of new product development become more and more important for industry. We have a vision to explore those areas in joint research projects between Turku UAS and Aschaffenburg UAS. «

Heli Aramo-Immonen (Turku UAS) and Peter Rötzel, LL.M. (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» As microplastics, polymer is ubiquitous. The mechanical and electrical characterisation of foamed polymers is our joint research concern. «

Hervé Laurent (U Bretagne Sud), Jean-Francois Feller (U Bretagne Sud) and Christiane Thielemann (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» AI-assisted prediction of financial markets is of great interest to us as a field of research. Artificial intelligence can also be used in this area to forecast trends and developments. «

Saker Sabkha (U Bretagne Sud) and Holger von Jouanne-Diedrich (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» The topic of autonomous driving is becoming increasingly relevant for society. New research findings and developments are being generated. We see connective modeling of autonomous driving as a possible joint research approach. «

Christine Chauvine (U Bretagne Sud), Galia Weidl (Aschaffenburg UAS) and Konrad Doll (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» Nearly every electronic device contains printed circuit boards. A common goal is to investigate heat effects on printed circuit boards for high power electronics. «

Peter Bencs, Istvan Bodnar, Laszlo Kalmar (all U of Miskolc) and Michael Kaloudis (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» Thermal simulation of laser cladding with gradient material systems offers much innovation potential, which can be initiated by various collaborative projects. «

Peter Bencs, Zsolt Lukacs, Laszlo Kalmar (all U of Miskolc) and Ralf Hellmann (Aschaffenburg UAS)

» To what extent does heat accumulation affect the performance of electric drives? We would like to address this research question together in the near future. «

Peter Bencs, Istvan Bodnar, Laszlo Kalmar (all U of Miskolc) and Johannes Teigelkötter (Aschaffenburg UAS)

Find your sparring partner

Our scientists are open for new challenges in joint research projects. In addition to initiating a new project, they are also happy to provide advice or contribute in the form of statements, peer reviews or taking on individual small projects. Do not hesistate to contact our research team to talk about your idea, finding the answer to your question or if you simply would like to connect.

Join ABinteract.

Are you interested in becoming part of ABinteract? You would like to exchange ideas about possible joint research activities? Please feel free to contact our research team or ABinteract coordinator Dr. Heike Bruhn (e-mail: Heike.Bruhn@ich-will-keinen-spamth-ab.de). We look forward to hearing from you.