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Research at Université Bretagne Sud

Université Bretagne Sud (UBS) was found in 1995. Currently, about 10000 students are enrolled at three campuses (Vannes, Lorient and Pontivy). To the website of UBS

Research laboratories

Université Bretagne Sud hosts 14 laboratories. Six of them are recognised and supported by the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). In the labs more than 250 lecturer-researchers and 200 doctoral students research for new innovations and technologies. More about the labs

Four centres of excellence

At Université Bretagne Sud there are four centres of excellence:

Cyber and data intelligence
Digital transformation is defined as the process of integrating digital technologies across an organisation's entire ecosystem. More information

Environment, health and handicap
Digital technology is shaking up the field of health. Thanks to big data management, medicine is becoming more personalised, predictive and preventative. The notion of 'patient' will become obsolete; tomorrow's medicine will take action even before a person falls ill. At the same time, biotechnologies have become a reality; new functional foods, drugs and treatments are being developed and are already used to treat many conditions. They also help bring health and quality along the entire food chain, even including waste treatment. More information

Industry of the future
Lying at the core of the fourth industrial revolution, industry 4.0 or industry of the future encompasses the scientific and technological aspects of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, automated processes, logistics and industrial cybersecurity. More information

Sea and coasts
This ecosystem aims to: coordinate scientific and pedagogical actions; enhance nationwide and international visibility of activities dedicated to maritime issues; better respond to requests from users and partners; and forge more bonds with companies. More information

Get in contact

Are you interested in a cooperation with Université Bretagne Sud? Dr. François-Xavier Lannuzel (francois-xavier.lannuzel@ich-will-keinen-spamuniv-ubs.fr) will be pleased to support you in planning new projects and provide optimal research conditions. We are looking forward to your ideas!